Grupo Bancolombia

Corporate Information

Board of Directors

Pursuant to the amendment of the Bank's bylaws, approved on March 7, 2011, by the General Shareholders' Meeting, the Bank's Board of Directors is composed of seven members elected for two-year terms, approved by the Superintendency of Finance regarding professional performance and credit history.

Meet the current members appointed on March 19, 2021:

Gonzalo Alberto Pérez Rojas

Non-independent member and non executive

Juan David Escobar Franco

Non-independent member and non-excecutive

Luis Fernando Restrepo Echavarría


Andrés Felipe Mejía Cardona

Independent Member and non-excecutive

Sylvia Escovar Gómez

Independent Member and non-excecutive

Arturo Condo Tamayo

Independent Member and non-excecutive

Silvina Vatnick

Independent Member and non-excecutive

Senior Management

Juan Carlos Mora Uribe

Chief of Grupo Bancolombia

María Cristina Arrastía Uribe

Vice President of Business

Mauricio Rosillo Rojas

Corporate Vice President

Jaime Alberto Villegas

Vice President of Corporate Services

José Humberto Acosta Martin

Vice President Financial Officer

Rodrigo Prieto Uribe

Risks Vicepresident

Cipriano López González

Vice President of Innovation

Claudia Echavarría Uribe

Legal Vice President - General Secretary

José Mauricio Rodríguez Ríos

Vice President of Internal Audit

Subsidiaries Executives

Aimee Sentmat de Grimaldo

Executive President of Banistmo

Rafael Barraza Domínguez

Executive President of Banco Agrícola, El Salvador

Federico Bolaños

Chief and Executive Director of BAM

Jean Pierre Serani Toro

Chief of Banca de Inversión Bancolombia

Carlos Alberto Restrepo Jaramillo

Fiduciaria Bancolombia Chief and Legal Representative

Jorge Alberto Arango

Chief of Valores Bancolombia

Yolanda Hurtado

General Manager of Bancolombia Puerto Rico

Carlos Augusto Garcés


Victor Villaquirán

Bancolombia Panamá and Cayman Islands


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Procedure for trading shares by Directors and Administrators

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Board Committees

Grupo Bancolombia has four committees to support the management of the Board of Directors:

  • Good Governance Committee.
  • Audit Committee.
  • Designation, Compensation, and Development Committee.
  • Risk Committee.