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We can all do something to be part of the change and contribute our actions to change the planet. Simple changes in your tasks can contribute to a more sustainable environment. Here we offer a few tips:

Economic Changes

Donate clothes, toys, and objects you no longer use and contribute financially to your expenses.

Purchase products with a green label, which use less energy and water and generate less waste in their production.

Make a grocery list that considers the people living in the house and the menu for the week.

Environmental Changes

Unplug appliances when they are not in use. Although they are turned off, they use energy.

When you wash and reuse containers, you help optimize recycling processes and return benefits to the environment.

Use the water you collect to clean your house, wash your car, or water your plants; thus, you can contribute to saving money and helping the planet.


Use your bicycle more, invite your siblings, neighbors, or friends to get around, and together we help to decontaminate the environment..

Remember that a toy has a useful life much longer than the time your child is interested in it..


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