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Inclusive Bank

Policies and Guidelines

We have leveraged our zero-tolerance policies and actions against any form of discrimination, including labor and sexual harassment, because we are committed to the SDGs of the 2030+ agenda as well as the GRI indicators. The associated support material demonstrates the continuous monitoring of our employees and leaders, the incorporation of guidelines and action protocols, and the training and support services provided by highly qualified personnel. All the above are necessary to prevent and avoid this type of behavior inside and outside the organization.


In this way, we generate solid, stable, harmonious, and unbiased working relationships, contributing to our corporate purpose of achieving the well-being of ALL.

Employees demographics

We periodically measure, evaluate, and monitor different demographic indicators within the organization to guarantee not only the quality but also the transparency of our human resources management, which also allows us to know our employees better and contribute to improving their experience. Demographic analysis helps us work on our diversity and improves the company's performance by increasing the likelihood of bringing together people with different types of knowledge, opinions, and perspectives. This diversity leads to greater innovation and problem-solving capabilities, improves talent attraction and retention, increases employee engagement, and results in greater efficiency.

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Diversity and inclusion

Within the objectives of the equity, diversity, and inclusion work plan, we are working on evaluating the employee experience as part of our Human Management processes in search of diversity.  This includes adjusting the legal framework within the processes and generating tools that allow us to live in a culture free of discrimination.


Health, safety and well-being

We have the purpose of promoting sustainable development to achieve the well-being of all, and this includes our employees. We believe that having positive and healthy work spaces is essential to maintain empathetic and constructive relationships between colleagues, suppliers and clients, and in this way, materialize our objective. This is why we have strategies, policies and practices that seek to promote the health, safety and well-being of employees, as well as a comprehensive portfolio of benefits designed to help our employees achieve their life projects. 

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