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Ethics Committee

The purpose of the Ethics Committee in Grupo Bancolombia is to build a series of guidelines that drive the attitude of managers and employees regarding issues that that may occur in our organization to encourage and internalize the principles and values that we proclaim in our organization to promote doctrines related to the decisions we make.

Likewise, this Committee is responsible for evaluating the application of the Code of Ethics and establishing the necessary mechanisms for disseminating and strengthening its decisions or doctrines, seeking the highest internal standards of ethical conduct.

We have one Ethics Committee for all of Grupo Bancolombia’s companies, consisting of five members as follows:

  • The Vice President of Human Resources of Bancolombia.
  • The Administrative Vice President of Bancolombia.
  • The Legal Vice President and General Secretary of Bancolombia.
  • A representative of the Group's domestic subsidiaries.
  • A representative of the Group's foreign subsidiaries.

The following may attend as permanent guests: The Audit Vice President, the person designated as Secretary of said Committee, and the people invited to inform and develop different topics of the meetings.


Ethics Hotline

The Ethics Hotline is a mechanism designed so that employees, strategic allies, suppliers, customers, and users can anonymously report alleged violations of our Code of Ethics, Code of Good Governance, and Anti-Money Laundering Manual, as well as possible improper acts, fraud, corruption, and aspects related to the Human Management of the different companies of Grupo Bancolombia.

Make your complaints to our Ethics Hotline through:

  • Telephone lines.
  • E-mail.
  • Bancolombia APP

Channels available 24/7


How to call the Ethics Hotline?

Make your complaints to our Ethics Hotline through:

  • Through mobile line, press #955
  • Fax 6044531953
  • Phone numbers:
  • National Line:  018000 524499
  • Medellín:  604448 4868
  • International Lines:

1 866 687 6201

Puerto Rico

01 100 800 1570076


503 2259 7898

El Salvador

0800 55 957




  • Contact the ethics Hotline by e-mail at lineaetica@bancolombia.com.co  through the Bancolombia APP, Contact Us section - Ethics Hotline or in this link.


What types of complaints can be addressed or reported through the Ethics Hotline?

  • False reports.
  • Fraud or theft.
  • Embezzlement of assets.
  • Manipulation of financial statements.
  • Suspicious activities.
  • Technological abuse.
  • Violation of laws or regulations.
  • Conduct of the Bank in relation to shareholders.
  • Conduct of the Bank in relation to human management.
  • Disclosure of privileged information.
  • Omissions or absence of controls in processes or products.
  • Procedures related to the Code of Ethics, Code of Good Governance, Anti-Money Laundering Manual and Improper Acts Protocol.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

We are committed to building a more humane banking system at Grupo Bancolombia, setting as our fundamental purpose that every action we take generates shared value from a social, environmental, and economic perspective. In this process of organizational transformation, we transcend beyond just offering financial services as we seek to:

  • Build lasting relationships based on trust with our stakeholders.
  • Accompany people in their life projects.
  • Achieve people-oriented results.

Responsible for our actions and guided by our corporate values, we have created this Code of Ethics and Conduct. This Code establishes parameters of action for our collaborators, so they are consistent in their acting, thinking, and doing. Trust is paramount to us, as it is applying the Code of Ethics to achieve the transformation that we have set out for ourselves.


Code of Ethics and Conduct Compliance Reports


Internal Labor Regulations

Find out the provisions by which we are governed in the Bank, established by Bancolombia S.A.


Tax Policy

Grupo Bancolombia is a social actor with a presence in several countries in the region. Bancolombia fosters employment, promotes the markets where it is present, and its interaction with different stakeholders, authorities and control bodies has a fundamental premise the commitment to financing the State and the implementation of programs to enhance public policies for the benefit of all citizens. In alignment with this purpose, it contributes promptly to paying taxes in the different countries.