Grupo Bancolombia

Corporate Information


Regulatory Strategy

Learn about Grupo Bancolombia´s  regulatory strategy



The regulations of the Colombian Code of Commerce establish the obligation for companies to have bylaws that serve as a regulatory framework governing the operation of the bodies of all companies, which must be in accordance with the norms that regulate the subject.




Country Code Survey

As an issuer in the stock markets, Bancolombia annually reports compliance with the measures contained in the Corporate Governance Country Code established by the Financial Superintendence of Colombia through a survey designed by this regulatory entity.


Wolfsberg Survey

Wolfsberg Group is an association of global banks that aims to develop financial service industry standards and principles for anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing policies. Grupo Bancolombia has answered the Wolfsberg Questionnaire to certify that we are aligned with these principles.


Good Governance Code

The Code of Good Governance  includes management, administration, and control policies and measures to consolidate and preserve good governance in business and corporate integrity. We are committed to abiding by these guidelines with our investors and stakeholders. We are constantly revising them to incorporate better practices.

This code includes the Operating Regulations of the General Shareholders' Meeting and the Operating Regulations of the Board of Directors in sections 2 and 3, respectively.


USA Patriot Act

The United States of America Patriot Act establishes the obligation for banking entities domiciled outside the United States that maintain international correspondent relationships with an American bank or broker-dealer to provide information related to the nature of their business and the degree of supervision of which they are subject.

Grupo Bancolombia has completed thee USA Patriot Act Certification.


Form W-8 BEN

The Internal Revenue Service of the United States requires that a form be completed by foreign account holders certifying that they are neither residents nor citizens of the U.S. This form certifies that the person, business, or other legal entity is a non-resident alien or non-U.S. citizen.

Grupo Bancolombia has completed Form W-8 BEN.



Shareholder protection before the SFC

Learn about the mechanisms available to minority shareholders to enforce their rights before the Financial Superintendency of Colombia (Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia).

Agreements Between Shareholders

At present, Bancolombia is not aware of any agreement between its shareholders that may involve their shares, rights, the Bank's management, or related matters.
Should the Bank become aware of any agreement of this nature, it will be disclosed to the market.