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Movimiento B: our organizational culture


What is organizational culture?

Culture is everything that describes an organization and differentiates it from others.

Culture defines and materializes the organization's identity: what are we like, what challenges us, how do we relate to each other, and how do we do things?

It is manifested through behaviors, beliefs, principles, language, symbols, signs, norms and rituals.


How we are at Grupo Bancolombia

  • Movimiento B:

    together we make things happen

    At Grupo Bancolombia, Movimiento B is our expression of the culture and strength that drives us to promote sustainable economic development for the well-being of all.

    Movimiento B We believe that the sum of emotions, convictions and principles transcend the individual. We are more than 30,000 people generating a transformative movement in Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Panama.

    At Movimiento B, we are inspired by the permanent challenge of accompanying people, SMEs, companies and governments to make things happen together.

    • B  for our roots.
    • Bancolombia,  Banistmo,  Banco Agrícola and  BAM.
    • B  for our  Bienestar (wellbeing) statement.

What Moves Us

As employees of Grupo Bancolombia, we share six traits that characterize us and mobilize our behaviors.


Brand with a purpose

The purpose of our brand is to demonstrate the Bancolombia Group's commitment to people, the genuine interest in generating a better quality of life, a positive change in their reality, an opportunity for transformation and new experiences.

People are our center and our engine, that is why we are moved to be part of the solution, to join in building a better future. Because there is no greater cause than the welfare of all.