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About us


We are a leading Financial Group with more than 146 years of experience, evolving to meet the challenges of a constantly changing environment.

Our actions are grounded in ethics and integrity as basic principles, with the purpose of promoting sustainable economic development for the well-being of all.

We are a growing, profitable organization with almost 30,000 employees and present in Colombia, Panama, Guatemala and El Salvador. We have been listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) for 25 years, being the first Colombian financial institution listed on that market.

We provide access to financial and non-financial solutions for individuals, entrepreneurs, SMEs, companies and institutions, while investing in educational, entrepreneurial and environmental initiatives that help generate positive transformations in society. We have permanent access to funding in the local and international capital markets.

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History and Evolution

146 years of contributing to the development of the country with a history of growth, innovation and success.

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Our Purpose

It is the guide for our actions and decisions; it expresses our essence and the reason we exist.

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Our Culture

Culture raises people's level of sensitivity and generates spaces for cohesion and participation.

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Our Brands

Learn more about the organizations that are part of Grupo Bancolombia and seek to promote sustainable economic development.

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We have partnered with companies and services to give you the best benefits when thinking about your well-being.

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Brand Story

Discover how we have built a brand that reflects the diversity and richness of the places where we are.