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Mauricio Rosillo Rojas

Mauricio Rosillo Rojas

Mauricio was born in 1969.
Mr. Rosillo is a Lawyer from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. He holds a specialization in financial legislation from Universidad de Los Andes, a master's degree in economic and commercial law from the University of Georgia (USA), and additional training in European Community law from the Free University of Brussels.

During his extensive professional career in the public and private sector, he has served as General Secretary of AMV Fedeleasing, Superintendent of Economía Solidaria (E), Director of Financial Regulation of the Ministry of Finance, Market Director of the BVC Colombian Stock Exchange, and Chief of the Self-Regulatory Organization (AMV). He is also a Professor at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and Universidad de Los Andes.

Since 2009, he served as Legal Vice President and General Secretary of Bancolombia until 2019, when he was appointed as Corporate Vice President.

*Alternate legal representative.
Not a PEP under Colombian regulation.