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Fiscal contribution year 2022 in the countries where we have presence


Next, you will find the development of the tax strategy in the Bancolombia Group and the connection with the purpose. The topics analyzed are the following: 

1. Fiscal Strategy and Governance 

2. Tax Management Report 

3. Impact of income tax on financial information 

4. Annexes 

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Tax Policies


Below are the policies and the development of these click here


Relevant information


Below are the reports that Grupo Bancolombia presents to the SEC and to the Shareholders' Meeting.


Economic Impact


Some relevant data for the year 2022.



Paid taxes


Income Taxes


2,057,388 million


Other Taxes


1,403,099 million


Country by country Report

Consolidated report of Grupo Bancolombia that shows incomes, profit before taxes, taxes paid, taxes accrued, declared capital, number of employees and tangible assets in each country where it has a presence.


The 2022 country-by-country report will be delivered to the Colombian tax administration in December 2023, in accordance with the established deadlines.

Tax Report by Segment

See the Tax Report by geographic regions, earnings and revenues for each year:

Effective Tax Rate

Find the report on our tax rate paid and reported for the last two years and its analysis based on the effective rates expected by the industry.


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