Grupo Bancolombia



Environmental Policy and Management System


We strive to achieve a balance between environmental quality and people's quality of life to become more sustainable over time.

As a result, we have identified the direct and indirect effects of our activity and advocate for their prevention, mitigation, and correction to ensure a prosperous future for future generations.



We have established a constant dialogue with our stakeholders as a tool to create long-term relationships in which trust prevails, generates pleasant experiences, guarantees sustainable growth, and has more and more people committed to our vision.

All this is part of our materiality.

Components of the Environmental Management System

At Grupo Bancolombia, we have a system aligned with ISO 14001. This includes our Environmental Management Policy,, which establishes the framework, structures, principles, and guidelines for planning, organizing, executing, monitoring, controlling, and improving the system. In this way, we promote the achievement of sustainable development objectives thanks to strategic planning that we carry out annually with the participation of the areas that are part of the system, and we also have: 

  • Legal-environmental matrix: It complies with national government requirements, the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, regional environmental authorities, and customer and supplier commitments.

  • Environmental impact matrix: It identifies our environmental aspects and impacts and allows us to prioritize our action plans.


Key mission areas of the Environmental Management System

As a guide for our actions, Grupo Bancolombia has the following mission areas:

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