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Our Sectors

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  • Corporate Banking, Companies, SMEs, Independents, Individuals, Government and Institutional:

These sectors manage Grupo Bancolombia’s operations through proprietary trading, liquidity, and goods and services treasury distribution to its clients, seeking to meet financial needs based on personalized services and a reliable and timely approach while promoting business growth and development in the countries in which we operate.

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  • Trustee:

This sector provides fiduciary and asset management services. The main products offered include money market accounts, investment, and pension funds, private equity funds, trust payments, custody services, and corporate trust funds.

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  • Stockbroker:

Valores Bancolombia S.A., Comisionista de Bolsa, provides individuals and institutions with brokerage, investment advice, and private banking services. In addition, it sells and distributes participatory securities, futures, currencies, fixed-income securities, investment funds, and structured products.

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  • Asset Management:

This business sector generates solutions for managing Collective Investment Funds and Delegated Portfolios through individual mandates, helping more than one million clients achieve their investment objectives. We consolidate Valores Bancolombia and Fiduciaria Bancolombia’s joint efforts, combining experience and professionalism in portfolio management. 


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