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“This is a solid organization with a long-term vision to build a better future. When Bancolombia wins, the country wins”.

Juan Carlos Mora Uribe
CEO Bancolombia Group

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About Bancolombia

More than 25 million customers trust Grupo Bancolombia and its offer of comprehensive solutions that address the needs of individuals and companies beyond financial services.

We lay the foundations for the future

To extend our economic effect, we integrate environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) criteria in our activities in Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, and El Salvador.


We spent $36.9 billion on businesses with a purpose.

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We grow while we maintain our financial strength

We manage resources carefully to support our clients with a long-term vision and guarantee our long-lasting presence.

The pillars of purpose

We strengthen the productive fabric of the countries

We build sustainable cities and communities 

We promote financial education

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Wellbeing for all

We promote the strengthening of the productive fabric, the building of sustainable communities, and financial inclusion in the places where we operate.

Bancolombia in Figures

Our sustainable growth represents benefits for the environment and the quality of life in the communities where we operate.

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COP 290 billion in


COP 204,4 billion Net


COP 210.4 billion


COP 33.9 billion



Direct employees


Branches and agencies

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Achieve loyalty and preference from our customers

We are a customer-focused organization, and we differentiate ourselves by providing, reliable, close, timely, and practical experiences.

2021 Highlights


Grupo Bancolombia confirmed its position as one of the most sustainable companies in the world by obtaining an A score in the Carbon Disclosure Project.


Digital adoption of Bancolombia services reached 72%, reflecting greater confidence of financial consumers in our channels.


Bancolombia offers $13.5 billion in new loans available to SMEs and small businesses in the country to support their reactivation.


Grupo Bancolombia brand evolves and commits COP 500 trillion to the well-being of its customers and society.


Bancolombia launches a line of COP 500 billion for private companies to buy vaccines and offers fiduciary instruments to support the process. 


Fiduciaria Bancolombia will manage the resources of Malla Vial del Valle, the first 5G road in the country, which will benefit 3 million people.


Bancolombia has financed companies with COP 892 billion through its credit line linked to sustainable performance indicators.


Committed to the economic reactivation of the country, Bancolombia gave $42.3 billion in loans to people and companies in the first half of 2021.


173 green and social projects from diverse regions will receive resources from Bancolombia's sustainable bond issue for COP 600 billion.


Bancolombia was recognized as the company with the best reputation in the country for the seventh consecutive year according to the Merco ranking.


Juan Carlos Mora was recognized as CEO of the year at the BRAVO Business Awards for his career and contribution to the development of Colombia and the region.


In partnership with Gemini, Bancolombia will implement a pilot to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in the Regulatory Sandbox of the Financial Superintendence of Colombia.

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Culture and talent for competitiveness

We recognize that our human talent is one of our main competitive advantages, and that is why we ensure their well-being and professional development.