Our Brands

Behind Grupo Bancolombia and the 30,000 people who contribute and are part of the present and its future, history began to be written on January 29, 1875, a path of 145 years full of challenges, 52,925 days of work and with the unbroken desire to accomplish more.

History tells us one thing and the present confirms what we think: the desire to work for the countries and regions where we are present becomes our driving force every day. 

Grupo Bancolombia has executed a strategy that has allowed it to create a platform for growth. This has been evident in:

Creation of a universal banking model.

Local and international acquisitions to expand operations .

Access to principal global markets.

High coverage network.

Valuable brands.

In this way we advance in the fulfillment of our higher purpose: to promote sustainable economic development for the well-being of ALL.

Group Brands

Corporate Brands

Local banks

Banking service derivatives

Regional Banks

Non-bank and finance

Regional Presence