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Roberto Ricardo Steiner Sampedro

Independent Member of the Board

Roberto Steiner was born in 1959. He holds a Bachelor´s degree in economics from Universidad de los Andes and is a PhD (cand.) from Columbia University. Mr. Steiner has held several positions at the Central Bank, including as Director of the Economic´s Research Department. He has served as Deputy Director and Executive Director at Fedesarrollo and as Director of the Economic Development Studies Center at Universidad de los Andes. From 2002 to 2007 he was an Alternate Executive Director at the IMF. He is currently a Research Associate at Fedesarrollo. Mr. Steiner has been a Professor at Universidad de los Andes, Columbia University, Universidad Javeriana and Universidad Nacional as well as a Visiting Scholar at the IMF and at Lehigh University. He has been a consultant for the IDB, the World Bank, the IMF and ECLAC and has been a member of several Board of Directors, including the Bogotá Stock Exchange, ING Barings Corporación Financiera, Generalli Seguros and Ecopetrol. Mr. Steiner has sat on the Editorial Board of Latin American Economic Policy Review and of Cuadernos de Economia, the journal of Universidad Católica de Chile, and has published several books and articles both at home and abroad.