Economic Research

We are a team of analysts devoted to deeply study the economic and markets trends in order to provide valuable information as an input for your financial decisions.

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About us

We assess economic and market trends considering three fundamental criteria: independence, objectivity and quality.

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Keep updated on the economic and financial situation of Colombia and the world through our publications.

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Our team

Meet out team of analysts dedicated to in-depth study of economic and market trends.

About us

Throughout a systematic and detailed study of the main factors determining the course of the global and Colombian economy and financial markets performance, our economic research team aims to provide specialized knowledge as an input to take the best economic and financial decisions.

For such purpose, we rely on three fundamental pillars: objectivity, independence and quality. In addition to the above criteria, we analyze a great volume of data and develop first-rate models and methodologies, while consulting the best external sources of information and generating in-house ideas.

As a result, we provide a broad product and services portfolio that you may access on a daily basis to learn about the issues that may determine the course of the economy and markets in the short and medium term. Also, we publish specialized reports covering specific issues in depth, as well as studies about new issues of interest in relation to economic and financial fields.

Our work is widely recognized among Bancolombia customers and the public in general. As most recent evidence, we were awarded the six gold medals for the first place in all six categories assessed* by the 2015 Colombian Stock Exchange and Portafolio Economic Research Awards Survey: Over 300 clients from the real and financial sectors chose our Economic Research Area as the best in Colombia.

*Best Local Equity Research (Institutional), Best Fixed Income Research (Institutional), Best Macroeconomic Aggregates Research (Institutional), Best Local Equity Research (Real sector), Best Fixed Income Research (Real Sector), and Best Macroeconomic Aggregates Research (Real Sector).

Daily Reports

Consult economic results and evolution upon monetary markets of the day.

Special Reports

Keep updated upon relevant economic and financial events to make informed decisions.

Biannual and quarterly reports

Consult forecasted economic scenarios and the vision upon economy course.

Companies Reports

Learn about quarterly results, the estimated stock price and data related to companies of your interest. 

Portfolio Management Director.

Juan Pablo Espinosa Arango

Senior economist.

Egberto Alexander Riveros Saavedra

International and markets analyst.

Henry Alexander Otero Giraldo

Fixed income manager.

Jairo Julián Agudelo Restrepo

Energy and oil sector leading analyst

Juan Camilo Dauder Sánchez

Financial sector analyst.

María Paula Cortés Durán

Gas and energy sector stock analyst

Diego Alexander Buitrago Aguilar

Industry, consumption and cement-infrastructure sector analyst

Germán Zúñiga Saavedra

Equity junior analyst

Federico Pérez García

Editorial coordinator

Claudia Restrepo Salazar


Piedad Elena Acevedo Zuluaga


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