Water Mandate

In the development of our operation we do not require high water consumption, however we recognize the importance of the water resource, for which we have committed to the CEO Water Mandate an initiative that proposes a framework in the 6 aspects and on which we have implemented actions in each one.

Water management is part of our climate change policy. Available on the website or entering here.

Direct operations

Collection of rainwater that is reused as a refrigerant in the air conditioning systems of our headquarters General Management and our Data Center in the city of Medellín.

Monitoring of water consumption in all our headquarters in order to detect anomalies and identify opportunities for reduction and efficiency.

Value Chain (Vendors / Customers)

Environmental criteria in vendor RFP (request for proposal) assessments of contractors.

Vendors' assessment on sustainability issues

Advice to our customers on cleaner production improvements related to water issues that imply knowledge of the current legislation in force.

River basin management

We began the identification of sites that are located in areas of water stress and implement action plans for the supply of water resources not only from our operation but also from our collaborators and their families.

Public policy

We are aware of the role and responsibility of the private sector in supporting the Integrated management of water resources.

Community engagement

Volunteer work from our Banco2 employees, seeking to raise awareness about water management and the importance of protecting conservation sites and water sources that supply large cities.


Annual water consumption report in the management report in the environmental management Chapter and on our website. Corporate eco-efficiency and Corporate goal to reduce water consumption.

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At Bancolombia Group we have received several local and international recognitions.

Sustainability Model

At Bancolombia Group we have defined a Sustainability Model

Ethical Bank

At Bancolombia Group we have an economic dimension  oriented towards become an increasingly sustainable organization.