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About Us

We are a financial group and a driving force of economic and social development of the countries where we are present; we pride in building long term relationships with our clients, co-workers, shareholders and the community.

Corporate Summary

Our business model at the Bancolombia Group is based on an ever more human banking approach, in which the confidence we build with our customers is our major force to achieve social prosperity, growth, efficiency and sustainability within the organization.

Listening to our customers problems, opportunities and needs and putting ourselves in their day by day situations, has led us to evolve and innovate by creating pleasurable experiences for them. We focus on a different and privileged manner of building relationships with our customers, where each and every one of them is important and where our results are the natural consequence of a job well done.

For over 140 years we have grown sustainably with the goal of creating economic, social and environmental shared value, and thus we foster the transformation of society.

Corporate presentation

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It has been 140 years since the creation of the Bancolombia Group. Since our inception, we have preserved our purpose of being an economic and social development driving force for the countries in which we are present.

Throughout our history, innovation in customer experience has been a constant goal and there is plenty of evidence of our work in this regard. For instance, in 1969 at BIC we launched into the market the first credit card in Latin America, and in 1985 we brought into operation the ATMs network.

In 1996, our institution pioneered in the Colombian financial system by launching the first On-Line Office for Individual Customers. In 1999 we inaugurated our On-Line Office for Institutional Clients, thereby enabling the first Internet payment system in Colombia; one year later, in 2000, we launched E-Card Mastercard, the first e-credit card in the country for online purchases. In 2006 we opened the first banking correspondent in Colombia, a channel that has already been exported to El Salvador. Plus, with the APP launched in 2012, we currently enable over 230 million transactions per year.

It has been a history of innovations, not only in products and services, but also in how we relate with our customers, constantly seeking to improve their quality of life through an Ever-More Human Banking approach.

Historia - Acerca de Bancolombia

Strategic Target and Values

At Bancolombia we have decided to belong to the new generation of organizations who genuinely are not making a difference between business and their relationship with society, and who foster the creation of more empathetic relationships with all their stakeholders. Consequently, in Bancolombia we have decided to undertake a revamping of our whole organization aimed at fulfilling our goal which we have named the “Ever-More Human Banking”, a management model pursuing increased connection and social commitment. We do not intend to be just an economic player, but also as a social agent who contributes to organizing society better.

At Bancolombia we want to keep growing in a profitable and sustainable manner, being an innovative and reliable organization that puts people and relationships at its core. Our strategy is to achieve recommendation through changing how people relate and interact with our banking experience.

This transformation implies evolving toward a client oriented organization (better still, one that is centered on people). The way in which clients experience this new banking approach is through ever-more human experiences.

The new business model is designed to create the feeling of well-being through a positive and meaningful presence on our customers´ day-to-day life. And this is achieved by becoming more than just a bank to people and being the most comprehensive, the most convenient, the most experienced, and by cultivating the best relationships. Rather than by just “being a bank”, we are accomplishing this by becoming an ecosystem of valuable relationships, a connector or meeting point for society.

It is all about helping people connect with each other (customers and their communities), businesses, geographies, information and cash flows, personal needs with financial needs, the physical world and the virtual world. This path involves enabling third party access to our platform so as to create value together. Building this ecosystem along with our entrepreneurial philosophy will make it possible for banking to stop being somewhere to go to, and instead becoming something to do, a contextual activity for people´s life and the development of their commercial activity.



  • Warm Cordiality: Our commitment to create pleasant experiences for all people with whom we relate.
  • Closeness: Our conviction in acknowledging others as a human beings, showing interest in their emotions, listening to them and building together long-term relationships.
  • Inclusion: Through our actions, creating banking in which each one of us is important in building a fair and equitable society.
  • Respect: The sensitivity that our behavior reflects as we to get into other people’s shoes, show interest for their emotions, become aware of their needs and turn trust into the backbone of our relationships.

Ever-More Human Banking

At the Bancolombia Group our aim is to create long-lasting relationships of trust with our employees, customers, and society as a whole. To that end we have based our work on the following premises:

  • Employees are what is most important to us, our starting point.
  • Our prime guideline for action is respect for human dignity.
  • We have a humanistic vision for becoming ever more sustainable while achieving improved results.
  • We offer the necessary tools to achieve personal and professional goals.
  • Conversing with, listening to, and respecting each other, together with honoring our commitments, are our permanent attributes.