About Us

We are a leading, trendsetting financial group that generates a superior experience for its clients, pride for its employees, and value for its shareholders, in a sustainable manner.

Our Purpose

This is the time to get ready to face any challenges the future may show us, to understand that with each one of our actions we show everything that makes us feel passion and inspires us, to keep generating preference and satisfaction in our clients while contributing to make their dreams come true.

  • We want to generate preference, we want to be the best choice. We want our clients to reach us because we understand them, because we offer them timely solutions and new possibilities all the time, knowing that our products and services respond and exceed our clients’ expectations.
  • We want to generate satisfaction, to make clients happy so that they recommend us, not only because they find answers in us to their needs, but because we deliver them superior experiences and because they perceive us as a warm and close team that acts with the heart to serve them with responsibility.
  • We want to contribute to make dreams come true by accompanying our clients to make their lives easier every day. We want our clients’ dreams to study, buy a house, or set their own business come true. We want to be recognized as a personal and social development drive.

Our Aspiration

We are looking for leaders; we want to set the trend and stand out in the market through our innovative services that quickly adapt to the needs of our clients and exceeds the proposals of our competitors; we want to understand the transformations currently taking place in the industry, we want to innovate and be ahead in the market, as well as to get ready to offer better solutions.

We also want our employees to be pride of us; we want to have high performance teams who are happy to work every day because they recognize that their contribution is important for the dreams of many other people and companies. They know they work for a superior end, they know this is a company that provides them with all the tools for them to be more professional and human.

We also want to be a sustainable company that seeks, with every single action we implement, the economic, social, and environmental welfare of the territories where we are located so that we can continue growing and consolidating over time.


It has been 142 years since the creation of the Bancolombia Group. Since our inception, we have preserved our purpose of being an economic and social development driving force for the countries in which we are present.

Throughout our history, innovation in customer experience has been a constant goal and there is plenty of evidence of our work in this regard. For instance, in 1969 at BIC we launched into the market the first credit card in Latin America, and in 1985 we brought into operation the ATMs network.

In 1996, our institution pioneered in the Colombian financial system by launching the first On-Line Office for Individual Customers. In 1999 we inaugurated our On-Line Office for Institutional Clients, thereby enabling the first Internet payment system in Colombia; one year later, in 2000, we launched E-Card Mastercard, the first e-credit card in the country for online purchases. In 2006 we opened the first banking correspondent in Colombia, a channel that has already been exported to El Salvador. Plus, with the APP launched in 2012, we currently enable over 230 million transactions per year.

It has been a history of innovations, not only in products and services, but also in how we relate with our customers, constantly seeking to improve their quality of life through an Ever-More Human Banking approach.

Historia - Acerca de Bancolombia