Hernando José Gómez Restrepo

Independent Member of the Board

Hernando Jose Gomez Restrepo was born in 1957. Mr Gomez holds a cum laude degree in economics from Universidad de los Andes. He has PhD (cand) studies in economics and holds a Master´s in philosophy and arts with specialization in money, banking and international economics from Yale University. Mr Gómez has been Professor at Universidad de los Andes and INALDE and teaching assistant at Yale University. He has held the position of member of the Board of Govenors of the Banco de la Republica (Central Bank), CEO of Consejo Privado de Competitividad, Chief of the Colombian Government negotiation Team for the Free Trade Agreement with the United States of America, the National Planning Director of Colombia, among other positions. Mr Gomez is an independent member of the Bank´s Board of Directors since his appointment in 2013.