Carmenza Henao Tisnes*

Chief Internal Auditor

Born in Montenegro, Quindío, on march, 1960. Systems Engineering Undergraduate Degree and Finance Specialization from Universidad Eafit; she holds international certifications as Systems Auditor from ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association), as ontological coach by Newfield Consulting, and as Team Coach by the European Coaching School (EEC). Mrs. Henao is member of the culture management network since 1997. University Professor, both, in post-graduate, and academic extension programs at Eafit, UPB, Universidad San Buenaventura of Cali and Universidad de Medellín.

She acted as Branches National Audit Manager and Technology Audit Manager, among other positions prior to 2011, year in which she was appointed as Chief Internal Auditor.

*Substitute legal representative.