Profitable and Sustainable Growth

Our decisions and actions are aimed at creating value. We have an experience and capillarity that allow us to reach all kinds of people and companies to connect opportunities and, thereby, promote economic development and well-being in the territories in which we operate, generating a positive economic, social and environmental impact, which additionally, takes care of our reputation, can assure us tenure, and that meets the expectations of our more than 28,000 shareholders.


Bancolombia's 145-year history has been marked by the transformation and adaptation of the business to customer needs and the new realities that a constantly changing world brings.
This is achieved thanks to the fact that we have understood innovation as our own territory, which is part of our essence and is in the culture of all those who work for this company.

Superior Customer Experience

We have defined superior experience as the means and the way to achieve that our customers prefer and recommend us, based on four fundamental attributes that we want the customer to live and perceive in each of these interactions they have with us: reliable, timely, easy and enjoyable.

Operational and Technological Excellence

The use of technology has meant a great transformation in the way business is done, in relationships and in the way we generate organization value. These developments have opened endless possibilities for our business, with which we have been able to develop a greater offer of financial and non-financial products and services, more channels, applications and, in general, more convenient, quick and easy-to-use alternatives for users.

Humanistic Culture and High Performance

In Bancolombia, a high-performance humanist culture prevails, in which we look for people who stand out for their values, knowledge, expertise and willingness to change, and with which we promote the integral and ethical development of our employees, maintaining relationships based on respect and trust. We want our employees to be able to develop their full potential to achieve great results.