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Silvina Vatnick

Silvina Vatnick

Silvina is a Ph.D. candidate in Macroeconomics and International Finance at Columbia University, New York - Economist from Universidad de Buenos Aires and Master’s in Economics from Universidad del CEMA.

Specialist in macroeconomic issues, financial and regulatory stability, corporate governance, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. She has a recognized technical domain and close understanding of the economy in Latin America, particularly in countries such as Colombia and Guatemala.

She worked as Principal Financial Economist at the World Bank for 21 years, as Senior Advisor to the Chairman of the Central Bank of Argentina, and as President and Co-founder of the Center for Financial Stability for Latin America for 9 years.

She is currently a Financial Stability Adviser at the United States Treasury and has been since 2016. She´s also a member of the Corporate Governance Task Force at the OECD and has been since 2003, and Managing Partner at Global Outcomes, adviser to institutions in Latin America in Corporate Governance and ESG.

She is not a PEP under Colombian regulation.