Every year, at Bancolombia Group we receive several national and international recognitions.


Every year, at Bancolombia Group we receive several national and international recognitions. 

Please see page 20 in annual report



Every year, at Bancolombia Group we receive several national and international recognitions.

Please see page 15 in annual report.


Most sustainable bank in America and fifth in the world

Thanks to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, a global indicator that evaluates sustainability performance of the 2.500 largest companies worldwide listed on the Dow Jones Global Total Stock Market Index, our organization ranked as the most sustainable bank in the Americas and fifth in the world, with better performance than European, Asian and African banks, obtaining a score of 92 out of 100 (five more than last year) and a 97th percentile; Which means that our performance is better than that of 97% of the banks evaluated.

This distinction appears in the Sustainability Yearbook presented at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.


Dow Jones

Bancolombia is a member of the Dow Jones Global Sustainability Index with a score of 92. The highest possible score is 100.


Bancolombia is one the top 3% most sustainable banks across the whole world, it is ranked the 5th most sustainable bank worldwide and the No. 1 in the continent of the Americas. Bancolombia won the bronze medal in sustainability at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Global Finance

Global Finance Journal analyzes financial institutions in 191 countries where it is present. According to the British publication:

Bancolombia Investing Banking was the most innovative across Latin America in 2016 and for the fourth year running it was the best in Colombia. Bancolombia Private Banking was once again rated the best in Colombia.

Bancolombia’s digital banking was rated in 2016 as the best corporate digital banking service in Colombia, the best digital banking for individuals in Colombia and the best mobile banking in Latin America.

Banco Agrícola is among the best emerging banks in the world and the best bank of El Salvador.

Millward Brown and WPP

Bancolombia is the most valuable Brand of the Colombian financial sector in the BrandZ Top 100 ranking compiled by Kantar Millward Brown and the WPP Group according to the study that they have been conducting for Latin America over the past 11 years.

Llorente & Cuenca

Bancolombia is the most influential financial sector Company in social networks in Colombia, according the “Developing Ideas” study conducted by Llorente & Cuenca communications consultant firm.

Diners Magazine

According to Diners magazine and Invamer Gallup market research firm, two out of five respondents surveyed Bancolombia confirm Bancolombia is the most recalled brand name of the banking sector. It ranked first in the 2016 ranking of Top of Mind Awareness among adults.


Bancolombia is the private company with the best in reputation and the best company in attracting and retaining talent in Colombia. It is the Colombian company with best corporate governance according to Merco (Corporate Reputation Monitor).

Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Colombia. Colciencias

Bancolombia is a Highly Innovative Company.

Ministry of the Environment of Panama (MiAmbiente)

Banistmo received the Environmental Excellence Award in the Clean Production category, with an emphasis in Technological Innovation.

The Banker

Banistmo was Bank of the Year in Panama in 2016 and Banagrícola was the best bank in El Salvador.

Latin Finance

Bancolombia Investment Banking was the best in Colombia in 2016 and the best in country for the 10th year running. Banco Agrícola was rated the best bank in El Salvador.


Banco Agrícola is the best bank in El Salvador.

International Banker

Grupo Bancolombia is the best banking group in Colombia and in El Salvador. Banco Agrícola is the most innovative bank in El Salvador.

Portafolio - Elite empresarial

Bancolombia if the Company offering the best client service in Colombia.

El Economista

Banco Agrícola is the preferred bank of the Salvadoran people and the one who grants the largest number of loans to the country’s industry.


Best Private Banking

In their selection of winners of their Awards for Excellence in Banking, Euromoney magazine named us Leaders in Service for High Net Worth Clients: Euromoney’s Private Banking survey 2015 - Colombia / Net-worth-specific services / High Net Worth clients (US$ 5 million to US$ 30 million).

Best Investment Banking

The prestigious world publication Euromoney, specialized in covering the financial and business industry, granted us the award for having the Best Investment Banking.

Moreover, the Colombia Stock Exchange -BVC- gave us a special recognition for having had the most active participation in the security public market, with the underwriting of the largest number of market issuances during 2014.

Additionally, Bancolombia Investment Banking was acknowledged by Latin Finance Magazine for a ninth consecutive year as the best investment bank in Colombia.

Best Asset Management

Global Finance international magazine specialized in the financial sector acknowledged us as the best Asset Manager in Colombia. Also did Euromoney by granting us their Best Asset Manager award.

Most Sustainable Bank

We have been recognized by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index as the fifth most sustainable bank in the world. For a fourth consecutive year our organization has been ratified as making part of the ranking of companies with the best sustainability performance worldwide within a universe of over 2,500 companies listed on international stock exchanges and belonging to 59 different sectors. Our score was 87 over 100.

And according to International Finance Magazine – IFM, an expert peer-revised publication focused on finance and macroeconomics theory and policy, Bancolombia posted the Best Initiative in Financial Sustainability in 2014, in the PlanetBanking Category.

A Transparent Bank

Bancolombia was selected by the Carbon Disclosure Project worldwide organization as one of the eight corporations in Latin America that stand out for their leadership and transparency in disclosing and reducing the impact of their actions on the environment and on natural resources.

IR Recognition

Considering the relevance of having sufficient and timely information at investment decision moments and with the objective of making of Colombia a more attractive market for investment, the Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC) promotes among stock issuers the adoption of better practices in terms of information disclosure and Investor Relations – IR. Again in 2015, the IR Committee of the BVC granted Bancolombia the IR Issuers Recognition award.

It should be noted that this recognition is not a certification of the quality of listed securities or on the creditworthiness of the issuer.

A Bank of Good Governance and Repute

We lead the Top 30 ranking of companies with the best Good Will in Colombia, according to Portafolio economic journal and the 2WAY Good Will Consulting. Also, we obtained the 4th place in the ranking of the 100 companies with best Corporate Social Responsibility in Colombia according to Merco – Monitor Empresarial de Reputación Corporativa (Business Monitor of Corporate Reputation).

A Solidary Bank

According to Euromoney, the most important evolution in the world of investments is Impact Investing, putting money to work in order to obtain both profits and social impact. From Euromoney we received the award for Philanthropy and Social Impact Investment.

An Inclusive Bank

The IDB - International Development Bank declared our organization to be the winner of the IDB BeyondBanking awards, with the BanCO2 Project defined as the best initiative for financial sustainability in 2014, in the PlanetBanking category.

Also, Global Finance international magazine granted us the Innovators 2015- Transaction Services award for our Model of Financial Inclusion through Banking Correspondents: “Banco Agrícola amigo” and “Banquero Amigo” developed in El Salvador by our Banco Agrícola.

An Innovator Bank

Global Finance granted us its digital innovation award: Best Digital Banking in the country, as leader in the "Best Consumer Digital Bank in Colombia” category. Moreover, our Bancolombia stock issuance placement was conferred the bronze award in the financial services category of the 2015 edition of the Effie Awards granted by the American Marketing Association.

Best Commercial Bank

Euromoney acknowledged Bancolombia for having the Best Commercial Bank in Colombia with their Best Commercial Banking Capabilities award. Also, we received from Global Finance the recognition as the best commercial bank in El Salvador, selecting us as the winners in the “Best Commercial Bank” category for our integral offer of solutions in the management of local treasury and payments means which connect businesses with their groups of interaction, facilitating the circulation of funds and creating productive chains.

Global Foreign Currency

Wells Fargo, a diversified financial services company with worldwide operations, acknowledged Bancolombia Panama with the 2014 Global Foreign Currency award, a distinction granted for facilitating transfers of international funds in imports, exports, investments or external debt instruments. Best Online Office for Businesses

Global Finance magazine chose our Online Office for Businesses as the best in Latin America, having granted us for the third consecutive the first place in the "Best Integrated Corporate Bank Site", a category that highlights among others aspects such as trading volume, market share and flexibility to integrate the needs of companies.

A People’s Bank

Bancolombia is the best private company to work for in Colombia, as shown by the results of the surveys conducted by Merco-Business Monitor of Corporate Reputation. Also in the BrandZ ranking of the most valuable brands of Latin America, constructed on a yearly basis by Millard Brown from New York and WPP from London and where the most robust names of the continent and the world are displayed, we were the first Colombian financial institution featured on the list and we stood in the 12th position of the general ranking with a brand name value estimated at 3,476 million dollars. And for Dinero Magazine, we have the largest impact on Social Networks in Colombia. We occupied the first place in impact among financial sector brand names and the second place in their general ranking.

A Star Researcher

We won the six gold medals awarded by the BVC Colombian Stock Exchange for having the best Economic Research Area.

An Engine of the Economy

Global Finance acknowledged us as the winner in their category of Best Emerging Markets Banks in Latin America, highlighting that the institutions selected are banks having had a stellar performance under increasingly more challenging conditions.

Also, Camacol – Colombian Construction Chamber granted Bancolombia the Order of Merit as the Leader Bank in the Colombian Construction Sector. This is in recognition to the services that Bancolombia has offered to construction in the country and the financing of real estate made available to people, with a 42% market share in the construction business and a 24% share in the housing business, with our offer of long term financing and integral solutions.

Ethical Bank

At Bancolombia Group we have an economic dimension oriented towards become an increasingly sustainable organization.

Sustainability Model

At Bancolombia Group we have defined our Sustainability Model.