Responsible Investment

We continue with the implementation of good practices to comply with our commitments as signatories of the Principles of Responsible Investment. As institutional investors, we have a duty to guide our actions to the greatest value generation in the long term for our customers. In this fiduciary function, we believe that environmental, social, and corporate governance issues can affect the yield of investment portfolios and we recognize that the application of this policy helps us to act in accordance with broader societal objectives.

For this reason, during 2017 we carried out our third progress Report on the implementation of the Responsible Investment Principles, where we publicly declared the actions taken in the year regarding our addition of environmental, social and corporate governance criteria (ASG) in our investment decisions. This disclosure allows us to continue improving and identifying best practices for incorporating these criteria.

We participated as speakers during different Responsible Investment events where we announced our investment strategy incorporating ESG criteria, such as the Fourth Meeting of Responsible & Sustainable Investment in Bogotá, Colombia and the fourth LATAM ESG conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

With the aim of promoting knowledge about Responsible Investment among our relationship groups, in 2017 we published an article about the subject in Smart Capital and we conducted a streaming where presented the best practices worldwide and the status of this innovative trend of Sustainable and Responsible investments regarding our offer of investment products that incorporate sustainability criteria for decision-making, in November 2017 we launched our Sustainable Delegate Portfolio, a specialized investment product that incorporates ASG criteria in the portfolio structuring process. Our first client of this product has been the Bancolombia Foundation.

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At Bancolombia Group we have received several local and international recognitions.

Sustainability Model

At Bancolombia Group we have defined a Sustainability Model

Ethical Bank

At Bancolombia Group we have an economic dimension  oriented towards become an increasingly sustainable organization.