Equator Principles

We were part of the EP LATAM Outreach WG led by ITAU and formed by about 10 Latin American banks that seek to share good practices in the implementation of the Equator Principles in the countries where we are present.

Likewise, in the EP LATAM meeting held in Brazil we learned about the modifications and updates related to the Equator Principles and the Performance Regulations and we identified the mechanisms for the implementation of the updates in the Environmental and Social Risk Analysis models. We also exposed the schemes of Environmental and Social Risk Analysis used in Bancolombia and the differences compared to other schemes used by FIs. Lastly, we learned how to confront and mitigate credit risk in other latitudes and adopt best practices.

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At Bancolombia Group we have received several local and international recognitions.

Sustainability Model

At Bancolombia Group we have defined a Sustainability Model

Ethical Bank

At Bancolombia Group we have an economic dimension  oriented towards become an increasingly sustainable organization.