Commitments and Adhesions

At Bancolombia Group we have adhered voluntarily to a set of international principles of sustainability.

Voluntary commitments with regard to sustainability

At Bancolombia Group we are aware of our importance as social players and the potential of our financial service activities to contribute to the sustainable development of communities where we are present. For such purpose, we contribute to the economic prosperity, environmental wellbeing and social equity. According to the foregoing, we have voluntarily adhered to several sustainability frameworks such as the Global Compact and, since 2014, we are signatories to Business for Peace, CEO Water Mandate, CEO Water Mandate and Sign Call to Action.

Equator Principles

We were part of the EP LATAM Outreach WG led by ITAU and formed by about 10 Latin American banks that seek to share good practices in the implementation of the Equator Principles in the countries where we are present.

Unep Finance Initiative

We continue our participation in monthly groups that bring together more than 50 Latin American organizations, sharing good sustainability practices at a financial level.

CEO Water Mandate

We have committed to the CEO Water Mandate an initiative that proposes a framework in the 6 aspects and on which we have implemented actions in each one.

Principles Responsible Investment

We continue with the implementation of good practices to comply with our commitments as signatories of the Principles of Responsible Investment.

Green Protocol

We participate in the development of the four strategic focus of the green protocol supporting the creation of the expanded green protocol, which seeks to link to the financial sector.


At Bancolombia Group we have received several local and international recognitions.

Sustainability Model

At Bancolombia Group we have defined a Sustainability Model

Ethical Bank

At Bancolombia Group we have an economic dimension  oriented towards become an increasingly sustainable organization.